5 Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Microchipping is the best prevention for lost pets

Top 1 pet microchipping benefit is to avoid the feeling of losing your cat or dog is one of the worst feelings a pet owner can experience. Just imagining that your furry friend is trying to find their way back home without having a clue how to do it is unbearable. As of this writing, there are no available pet training classes that can teach your dog how to use a smartphone or pet mobile translator app for barks and meows. A pet doesn’t have that ability, but their microchip does. The moment that the microchip is scanned, the pet’s identity is known and the owner can be contacted by animal shelters or veterinary hospitals.

Maui is one of the most pet friendly places in Hawaii, with citizens who are known for being highly responsible pet owners. After all, the state of Hawaii is rabies free and microchipping for pets in Maui is a requirement for new pets coming to the island. Prevention care for your four-legged friend should be considered by every pet owner. Here are five main benefits of microchipping your pet for you to consider:

Pet Microchipping Benefits

1. Increased probability of bringing your pet back home by 74%
Comparison studies concluded that an owner’s efforts were successful in recovering their dog only 13% of the time without the assistance of a microchip as compared to over 74.1% when dogs had been fitted with a microchip. When it comes to lost cats, less than 2% that entered the animal shelters in the studies were brought back to their homes. The return-to-owner percentage for cats that were microchipped was dramatically higher at over 38%, an impressive 2000% increase in reunification.

2. Microchipping is the best pet insurance for lost cats and dogs
Statistics show that 1 in 3 pets will be lost at least once during their lifetime. A collar and tags and the use of public media to communicate regarding lost pets are helpful and encouraged. However, no other technology or approach has proven capable of returning pets to their owners as effectively as the microchip system. There have been cases of dogs that were found over 1000 miles from their homes! They were identified and reunited with their families thanks to the use of the microchip.

3. Permanent form of international identification
Another big reason to microchip your pet is that a microchip is a permanent form of identification. A microchip can’t be lost like identification tags and a collar can be. Even in the event that your pet crosses any state or international borders, the microchip will continue to work as intended. As long as the pet owner makes sure to keep their personal contact information updated in the microchip database, they can be contacted immediately once the microchip is scanned by a veterinarian. It is still best to use a collar and tags as identification for any pet. Microchips serve as a foolproof second layer of identification that can’t be removed or lost and will protect your pet however far they wander from home.

4. Low cost and no maintenance prevention method. A great investment
n comparison to the general costs of owning a pet, microchipping is relatively a cheap investment with high returns. Microchips don’t require batteries, they last for 25 years and you can add international tracking coverage, which will save you thousands of dollars if you rely on the traditional method of tags and collars.

5. Peace of mind to your pet and your family
The peace of mind that the microchip will bring to you and your family in the event that your pet gets lost or stolen is invaluable. Many dogs have been quickly and safely reunited with their original owners after they were lost, thanks to an implanted microchip. As a response to hurricanes and natural disasters, experts at the National Animal Disaster Summit concluded that all animals rescued during a disaster should be implanted with microchips (or scanned if already implanted) to facilitate identification, tracking and reunification with their respective families. This was especially effective in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katriana and Rita when the number of reunited pets and owners was significantly increased by the use of microchip tracking.

Prevent heartbreak and keep your family happy and your furry friend protected

Microchipping your pet with included international tracking will bring the peace of mind that if separated from you, your cat or dog has the best chances of coming back home. You will be backed up by a safety network that will quickly connect you with your pet. At Home Animal Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Services is a leading Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital serving Maui. You can bring your pet for microchipping at our Animal Hospital in Kahului or you can schedule our Mobile Veterinary Clinic to come to your work or to assist you at the comfort of your home. We offer 24/7 emergency care in a state of the art animal hospital with highly trained and experienced veterinarians.

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