Authorized Veterinary Hospital by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Animal Quarantine Branch to perform Quarantine “Direct Releases” in Maui

At Home Animal Hospital is authorized by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture’s Animal Quarantine Branch to perform Quarantine “Direct Releases”, right here on Maui!! “At Home Animal Hospital” will reunite your Family with your Pets and take the headaches out of the Direct Release Quarantine process.

Moving to Maui -or- Visiting Maui? Are you a Maui Resident wanting to Travel with your Pets?

Moving to Maui isn’t an easy task. It takes months of preparation and planning. You’ve started planning and you realize it’s more difficult than you thought to bring your pet(s) with you. The process of moving to Maui with your pets may seem impossible with the endless amounts of paperwork and regulations. You’ve tried researching all of the steps and details, trying to achieve your dream of living on Maui with your four-legged loved ones, but you feel like you’re just going around in circles. Let At Home Animal Hospital, ease this process and make your pets move to Maui a frustration-free experience.

“Why is it so difficult to bring my pets to the Hawaiian Islands?”

Quoted from the Department of Agriculture website… – Hawaii is the only state that is rabies-free. It is important that we maintain that status. The introduction of rabies would have dire circumstances, not only for public health, but would have an adverse affect on Hawaii’s unique eco-system, tourism, as well as local lifestyle.

– Because Hawaii is rabies free, resident pets are not required to be vaccinated for rabies. Should rabies become established in the state, animal and human health programs and rabies disease control programs would be very costly for the citizens of the entire state.

As the population on Maui (and neighboring islands) increased, there was an increased need for Quarantine Program requests. In 2007, the Department of Agriculture approved a new program, “Direct Releases”, allowing pets to fly directly to their destination islands where they could be inspected and immediately released to their owners (if all the protocols and permits were followed).

You may ask, “Why At Home Animal Hospital?”

– With over 7 years of experience with the “Hawaii Quarantine & 5 Day-Or-Less” programs, our certified veterinary hospital has been at the forefront of the new “Direct Release” program since it began in 2007, our good relationship with the Doctors and Staff at the Department of Agriculture allow us to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

– We have experienced, first-hand, all of the frustrations and headaches associated with moving pets to Maui. The guidelines, regulations and paperwork are a nightmare for most pet owners. Even the most experienced Veterinarians on the mainland have been known to miss a step, or two, causing delays or even denial of entry of an owners pets.

– Realizing the difficulties so many were experiencing, we have thoroughly educated our trained specialists in all the guidelines, paperwork and regulations. We want to aide anyone who moving or traveling with pets to Maui, through the process.

– At Home Animal Hospital will guide you through the maze and create a stress-free move for you and your pets.

“At Home Animal Hospital” keeps your move affordable, especially when traveling with multiple pets. We want you to have the reassurance we’re thinking of you, your pets -and- affordability when coming to Maui. Allow us to keep your family together and “at home” here on Maui!!

Are you trying to qualify your pets for the Direct Release program, on your own?

These are some of the difficulties you may experience if you attempt to qualify your pets for the Direct Release program, on your own, by flying through Honolulu, HI (HNL) to bring your pets to Maui (quoted from the Hawaii Department of Agricultures website based on Oahu),

– IMPORTANT! Pet owners are responsible for transporting all pets released from the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility (AAQHF) to their vehicles or the Interisland terminal. Airport security regulations do not permit animals to be let out of the transport crate on airport property. Pets must be picked up and loaded into a vehicle or onto a baggage cart in their transport crate. Therefore, vehicles must be large enough to accommodate the intact crate with the pet inside. There are no baggage carts or porters in the immediate vicinity of the AAQHF.

Due to limitations in inter-island service on the weekend, pets arriving on Thursday or Friday may not be transferred to satellite quarantine stations and approved hospitals on the neighbor islands until the following Monday.

What does the above quote mean to you (the owner)?

– If you attempt to have your pet(s) approved for Quarantine Direct Release by flying through Honolulu, HI (HNL), you will have to make arrangements to transport your pets from the Airline Terminal (on Oahu), over to the Dept. of Agriculture, for your pets inspection.

– Most taxis/cabs won’t or can’t accommodate your pets. Your pets must remain in their airline carriers while on Airport property (which means, the entire time you attempt to bring your pets from the plane, to the Dept of Agriculture and then back to the terminal to try and catch your connecting flight).

– Some travelers have rented cars or vans, just to travel a ½ mile to the Dept of Agriculture Facility to get their animals inspected and approved, and then they still have to return the rental car/van and find a way to get back to the terminal with their pets (which have to remain in their cargo holds the entire time).

– Due to time constraints, if you are able to bring your pets to the Dept of Agriculture building, you may need to wait while other pets (who arrived before you) are being processed and approved for Direct Release (or possibly denied and placed into quarantine because the paperwork wasn’t completed properly or the incorrect fees were paid). This part of the process could take anywhere between 1 – 4 hours (between landing, traveling on airport property to the Dept of Agriculture facility, waiting for inspection/approval, traveling back to the airport terminal, and catching your flight to Maui).

These are many of the reasons the “Direct Release” program evolved. It allowed new residents, existing residents and tourists to fly directly onto Maui into the Kahului Airport with their pets.

At Home Animal Hospital’s Direct Release Program bypasses these difficulties and offers…

– Step-by-Step guidance through the Direct Release program and all the paperwork and fees
– Flying directly into Maui and avoiding the Honolulu headache
– Immediate inspection by our direct release specialist at the airport on Maui
– Immediate release of your pets
– Happily enjoy your new lives on the island, or your vacation here on Maui!!!

Call 808-873-0102 and avoid the headaches of bringing your pet to Maui, Hawaii.