Most Common Skin Allergies on Maui Pets. Early Detection and Prevention

Skin Allergies on Maui Pets

Skin problems are one of the most frequent challenges confronted by pets on Maui and can be extremely frustrating for both you and your animal companion. Frequent and persistent scratching, rubbing, chewing and hair loss are the clues to be on the lookout for, not to mention losing sleep over! Allergies are the most common cause and just as with people, there is no cure – only effective management will bring relief. The best way to deal with them is to avoid the root cause if possible and manage the condition effectively and early before an even more serious bacterial skin infection sets in.

Flea Allergies

Fleas and ticks are very common and the bite of just one flea can set off an allergic episode in pets who are very sensitive to their saliva, so keeping your pet on a monthly flea preventative every single month is critical for those animals. We carry a large selection of flea preventatives so you can choose the product which will work best for you. Food allergies are also quite common. At Home Animal Hospital carries an extensive range of prescription only diets by Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina which have been developed with relief from many specific skin allergies at their core. Often simply by changing the protein source in the diet to a “novel protein” such as rabbit, kangaroo or whitefish will be beneficial. We also offer “Hydrolyzed” diets which break down the protein source molecules into such fine parts, the immune system no longer recognizes the nutrient as an allergen.

Inhaled and Contact Environmental Allergies

These are the final category of irritants we find to be common on Maui. Because of our tropical climate, many grasses and pollens are prevalent throughout the year, and if your companion is sensitive, seasonal allergic flare-ups can cause chronic problems throughout the year. In those cases, no avoidance technique will be possible, so managing your pet’s symptoms has been found to be the best course of action. We can perform sophisticated allergy blood testing to help determine what the exact causes might be, and there is a new medication called Apoquelwhich has proven very effective in helping to control the symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs.

Learning to spot the signs of a flare up early, scheduling a quick visit with a veterinarian experienced in these areas and not letting the problem get out of hand are critical to minimizing the pain and discomfort plaguing too many of our furry friends on this beautiful island. Improving the quality of life for you and your pets is our primary mission and finding the way that works best for both of you is our most important job. Call (808) 873-0102 to make an appointment at our veterinary hospital in Kahului.

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