Specialized Veterinarians

Collaborative medical points of view from our team of dedicated and caring veterinarians to provide your fuzzy friend with the most comprehensive pet care in Maui

Hi-Tech Vet Hospital

State-of-the-art veterinary clinic facilities in Kahului provide Maui with the best technology and equipment for full surgical, medical, dental and laboratory services for the optimum health of your pets


At Home Animal Hospital is always ready to provide the best critical medical care in emergencies at no extra cost within our opening hours at our veterinary clinic in Kahului

Mobile Veterinary

The house call side of the practice continues to be extremely convenient for pet owners as well as providing a relaxed experience for our patients throughout Maui

Services in our Veterinary Clinic in Kahului

At Home Animal hospital is a fully digitalized, technologically-advanced facility, offering a wide range of specialist care. Our friendly team always takes the time to ensure your pet is in perfect health, and to correctly diagnose and treat any conditions if they arise.

Medical Services and Exams

Comprehensive health checks for your pets, up-to-date digital X-ray and ultrasound.

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Pet Surgery

Broad range of surgical conditions, including soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

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Pet Dentistry

Prevent dental decay with early detection and treat other oral health conditions. Digital dental care and X-rays for the best oral care.

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Dog Training School

Provide important social skills, and help create a strong bond between you and your dog.

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Emergencies and Urgent Care

Urgent care for emergencies at no extra cost during our opening hours at our Kahului veterinary hospital.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Relief and speed healing for aging pets or recovering from trauma or injury.

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Airport Direct Release

We simplify the procedure of bringing or moving your pets to Maui.

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Mobile Vet Care

Bring the animal clinic to your home or office. Convenient and comfortable.

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Home Euthanasia

Bring the animal clinic to your home or office. Convenient and comfortable.

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Welcome To Your Veterinary Clinic in Kahului

We are the fastest growing animal clinic on Maui. Dr. Danielle Dewey started our practice in 2008 as a mobile house call service. In April 2011, we expanded our service of care and opened our state of the art animal hospital in Kahului, completing the entire scope of pet care for our fuzzy friends.  Since then, we have continuously upgraded our equipment and techniques to continue to provide state of the art care.  As of 2018, we have a dedicated team of 4 veterinarians in order to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate pet care experience on Maui.

It is important to us that you feel just as comfortable visiting us at our home as you would feel if we visited you at yours. Therefore, we have created the most friendly atmosphere to provide Maui with the best possible pet care.  All 3 of our exam rooms are designed to look like a kitchen in your own home, with granite counters and tile flooring.  This creates a warm and familiar atmosphere for your pet , because a relaxed patient and happy experience for you and your pet is our goal.

Angelica Avatar

They are amazing. Always help the ones in need. They are always friendly and take amazing care of my fur babies. And their prices are amazing.

Angelica 12/24/2021
Dragonious Avatar

This heavenly clinic just totally turned my traumatic sad thoughts of my dog that was hit by a truck into a very peaceful state of mind in a matter of minutes! If i could give a double like and 10 stars i would. I am very satisfied with their compassionate, professional and nurturing manners. My dog changed his mood as well for the best (pre medicated might i add) Mahalo nui loa to all of the staff and God bless you. Sincerely Dragon and Dilly

Dragonious 5/23/2020
Jessica Avatar

The staff is welcoming, patient, kind and friendly. I don’t have to wait forever to get an appointment. They are very accommodating and understanding. I very much appreciate how Dr. Dewey answered my questions. She didn’t make me feel rushed and on top of that ended our conversation with, “Is there anything else you need?” She explains things in a down to earth way. It makes me feel like she truly cares and isn’t just trying to sell something. I’ve had to take my pets to this place more in this past year due to the fact that I have so many and they are getting older. So I’ve been taking them here consistently and I can honestly say I’ve only ever felt like one staff member was rude and I have seen a lot of different staff members due to multiple visits. That is saying something for me because I used to go to Central Maui Animal Clinic for years and had received more negative and rude and uncaring treatment than I did friendly or kind. Can’t say enough positive things about At Home Maui Animal Clinic!!

Jessica 7/31/2022
Lori Avatar

For the last 6 years I’ve taken my cats & dog to At Home Animal Hosp. Without exception we always receive the kindest & most diligent care. One of my kitties recently developed a face tumor & I was petrified of losing her. Dr Parry surgically removed the tumor & his followup & care were without limit. He called me twice with full details so I wouldn’t worry. The tumor removal was expert & thorough. ... No surprise though, every vet & technician there have always provided exceptional care & expertise. Pricing is the best I’ve found as well.

Lori 2/23/2019
Rebecca Avatar

Coe and his team At Home Vet graciously brought my little angel through the pearly gates of Maui and we are so happy here together! They were the beyond friendly and helped with my endless questions, they really care about animals and their concerned parents. I'll keep them at my speed dial if Anouk has any reason to visit again🐾Thank you!

Rebecca 9/25/2018
Leriel Avatar

I was recommended by a friend to visit them when I was in search for a vet due to Chippy’s back pain and a lump that concerned us. They were so patient and willing to answer every question we had. When he was recommended for a lump removal procedure, they walked us through our options and did a thorough break down of the cost. I observed how they treated other patients while I waited for our pup to be picked up and they were patient, compassionate and knowledgeable. I honestly have so much trust in their team and so thankful for them.

Leriel 4/19/2022
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