Spay and Neuter for Pets in Maui

Spaying and neutering are important and necessary medical procedures for pets that enhance the quality of your pet’s life. Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, spaying and neutering have positive effects on your pet’s health. Furthermore, spay and neuter it’s vital to control the homeless pet population and increase the quality of life of cats and dogs on Maui.

Advantages of Spay and Neuter on Female Pets

Probabilities of Uterine cancer and pyometra (life threatening uterine infection) will be eliminated. Females that are spayed before their first heat show a 95% less probabilities of breast cancer, and if spayed prior to the 2nd heat cycle, breast cancer is still reduced by 50%.

Spaying and Neutering Advantages on Pet Males

Neutering males eliminates testicular cancer risk and significantly reduces prostate cancers problems. Spaying and neutering can also curtail the development of dominant or aggressive behavior.

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